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                                                                                                                                                                             Soluciones Tecnológicas Integradas, founded in 2003 by OTCorp, serves clients in domestic and international markets with solutions to their Supply Chain and Outsourcing problems.  STI is committed to providing technologically advanced solutions tailored for global customers by applying the highest standards of service and quality.  STI has full coverage in the Americas with a presence in major and strategic cities which ensures delivery of your package anywhere.  STI provides excellent service to its customers by providing continuous training to its employees to ensure they become experts in our customers business processes and needs.


STI offers solutions for:

  • Supply Chain Management
    • Parcel delivery and consolidated freight, domestic and international.  Storage and distribution services also provided.
    • Supply Chain Optimization by SCM design "Lean" facilitating effective delivery cycles, reducing costs and increasing production. Supply chain consulting in management, control and distribution of products nationally and internationally.
    • Reverse Logistics which provides management of returns to suppliers and manufacturers of electronic products, including credit processing and serial number tracking.
    • Aftermarket Logistics (RMA-SLA) process management of repair services or diagnostic products covered under warranty or service contracts.
  • Outsourcing Projects
    • MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations for consumer electronics, for service providers and manufacturers.
    • Marketing, promotion and market penetration effectiveness in providing the expected results.
      • Sales and Promotion direct to markets and customers.
      • Direct promotion of products, catalogs and samples in a timely manner within 24 hours to your destination.
      • Polls segment specialized field that seeks to understand.
    • Center and Customer Validation through a management operating system information which is set to offer the customer seeks.
      • Validation of Quality, Service and Aftermarket generating procedures to standardize quality and value added to each.
      • Telemarketing favors interaction of the company with their most valuable customers in a personalized way.
      • Customer Care provides the proper management of the relationship with its customers allowing knowledge questions, problems and suggestions.
      • Technical Support is an economical alternative to provide support and assistance to customers.

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