STI offers this service to its business partners seeking to offer their customers the quality and service that they deserve, therefore STI offers support their commercial customers this service is responsible for providing maintenance, repair and operations provide to maintain quality and the excellent service that aims to offer customers of our business partners.

STI has made over 10 million repairs or refurbishings of electronics, including STB, DSL modems, and consumer electronics, for service providers and manufacturers such as AT&T, Cisco, Motorola, PACE, Telmex and others in the telecommunications industry.

We are the leader in value-added solutions in storage, reverse logistics, and repair of electronics for the wireless industry.


The advantages of hiring this service are:
  • The design of software specifically designed to support the return, refurbish and repair operations.
  • RMA processes simplification and automation, which offer the ability of monitoring orders via web throughout the entire repair and redistribution.
  • Analysis is performed and managing defects returns logistics cycle.
  • Savings on instruments and machinery to provide services.
  • Design of authorized service centers in order to realize repairs at an aesthetic and technical level.
  • Authorized service centers for repairs at an aesthetic and technical level.

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