Marketing, promotion and Penetration

STI complements and helps clients to solve their marketing, promotional and trading through "cold calls" and sales outsourcing services, and providing efficiency in achieving the expected results by integrating ourselves as part of our customer's team and serving as a tool for our clients to reach their goals.  As an added value, our services provide superior performance and constant attention to the goals, which offers real-time transparency of the Web process.


Penetrate new markets.

Our promotional and marketing strategies designed for each client, facilitate the development of new markets and grow your business.

Reach new customers and markets.

Through our efficient marketing services, we can bring your products to customers with an added value in terms of time and cost.

Direct sales and promotions to markets and customers.
  • STI offers its customers the ability to get their products to the market that the customer decides in a direct, efficient, and specialized manner.
Direct promotion of products, catalogs and samples.
  • STI ensures that your products, catalogs, and samples arrive in a timely manner within 24 hours to their destination whether it is a warehouse, residence or other business.
Specialized field surveys.
  • STI makes persuasive and respectful interventions to acquire the knowledge of a market segment you are interested in.

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